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04/12/2022 ZB Minutes

2155 Main Street
Bethlehem, NH 03574



TUESDAY April 12, 2022


6:00 PM

Present: Chair Andrea Bryant, Vice Chair David Van Houten, Chris McGrath, Nancy Strand, and Ruth Heintz.

Andrea Bryant opened the Hearing.

All stood for the Pledge of Allegiance

Andrea read the agenda.

Elections Chair and Vice Chair

Nancy Strand nominated Andrea Bryant for Chair.  David Van Houten second.  All in favor 5-0

Andrea Bryant nominated Ruth Heintz for Vice Chair. David Van Houten second. All in favor 5-0

The board welcomed Nancy Strand and Chris McGrath as new board members.  (3-year term)

Shane MacElhiney was appointed an alternate.  The vote was unanimous.  5-0

Public input

Jason Aldrich 139 Hazen Drive asked the board for guidance.  He wants to build a garage on his property.  In District 2 his setbacks would be 30 feet from neighbors’ property.  His is between 15 and 30 feet, which prompts a Special Exception from the zoning board. 30 feet from your neighbor is the least amount of space for a dwelling without a Special Exception

The board determined that small residential projects going forward will not require a formal survey.  A hand drawing with setbacks and abutters listed will be allowed.  Mr. Aldrich will submit his SE application in the following days.  Once his application is complete, (drawing, abutters, and fees) The zoning clerk will set his hearing date within the required 30-day allotted time.


Nancy Strand asked about procedure concerning waiving different items on the current checklist.  Why did the board waive a professional survey when there were so many other items that were not applicable?  There was discussion regarding residential and commercial building.  Should this be the deciding factor when it come to having a professional survey done?


The checklist is in its beginning being updated and more specific to each project.  Andrea Bryant asked the board to look over her suggestions that she sent out last week. The Special Exception and Variance application is intended to become more streamlined and user friendly.


Minutes 1-11-22

Andrea Bryant motion to accept minutes from 1-11-22.  David Van Houten second.  3-2

Nancy Strand and Chris McGrath abstained

Shane MacElhiney reminded the board that they can come and look at an application before any hearing.  The application is ready for view once the clerk has fees, abutters, application/checklist, and plans.  Then the board can get familiar with what the project entails and can comment on any thing they may see that is not complete.


The board made suggestions regarding the update to the Special Exception application and checklist.  It will be sent to the clerk for suggestions that will be distributed to the board. It will be added to the next AGENDA.


Respectfully submitted

Debra Bayley

Planning/zoning clerk