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04/13/2022 PB Minutes

2155 Main Street
Bethlehem, NH 03574


Planning Board Meeting

April 13, 2022



6:00 PM




PRESENT: Chair Michael Bruno, Vice Chair Anthony Rodrigues, Martie Cook, Kim Koprowski, Alecia Loveless and Chris Jensen

Excused absence:  Kevin Roy and Tinker Stevenson



Chair Bruno opened the meeting at 6pm.

All stood for the Pledge of Allegiance


Tara Bamford has been updating Site Plan Review.  She asked the board to look over her edits.  She gave the board three different sets of Site Plan Review applications from other towns.

Carroll, Monroe and Lisbon.

Mr. Bruno asked if she had done all of these.  Tara said yes, they are all towns she has done.

She talked about outside lighting and provided a guide sheet.


Town of Monroe SPR was discussed. Martie Cook said that she liked their landscaping plan. The board asked Tara what town she liked the best for their SPR; she answered Munroe, except for their lighting ordinance it does not address glare and led’s.


Signage was also discussed.  Chris Jensen would like that spelled out as a guidance to the selectboard on sign applications.

Mike Bruno would like to see Bethlehem lighting overlay on Monroe template.


Tara would also like to see Bethlehem have a commercial/industrial farming ordinance.

A minor site plan could address this.


Vice Chair Rodrigues asked about signage being subjective/objective.  What one feels offensive other may not.  The library, village store and the Irving Stations are prime examples.


Tara’s handouts included a priority list for change or impact guidelines.



  1. exempt, no need to come before the Planning Board at all
  2. minor, come in for planning board review but with just a sketch and brief description
  3. full site plan review, with a survey/engineering drawing of at least some part of the plan.


Mr. Bruno and the board would like to take more time before deciding on the option/change of impact sheet.


The board decided to table this discussion until April 27, 2022. Mr. Bruno will not be available for this meeting.

Closed Tara Bamford SPR update.


Open Disc Golf at the Bethlehem Country Club


Kim Koprowski reclused herself due to her affiliation with the Bethlehem Golf course. (owner)


Matt Albee owner and designer presented a conceptual plan to install a disc golf course at the Bethlehem Golf course. The 18-hole disc golf design will begin with 9 holes and then next summer have the full 18 holes.


Disc Golf or frisbee golf, is played just like regular golf – from a tee into a hole or basket in the fewest number of throws.

Disc golf is usually played on a 9 or 18 – hole course, with the lowest score being the victor.

It is limited impact on the land once it is installed vs constant maintenance from a ball golf course.

There is plenty of onsite parking.  The course is already setup for outdoor activities.

Disc golf is already gaining popularity in the area with 9 at the Dow, 18 at Loon Mountain, and 45 holes at Waterville Valley.

Martie Cook asked about parking.  There is plenty of parking on the street and at the country club parking lot.  The board asked about parking when there is a tournament and disc golf.  Kim Koprowski said there has never been a problem with parking.  Even with tournaments and Sunday concerts in the park.

There has always been plenty of room to park.  Kim Koprowski told the board that the disc golf hours would mirror the current golf course hours.

Mike Bruno motion to waive Site Plan Review for Disc Golf at the Bethlehem Country Club.  Chris Jensen second 6-0 carried

Closed disc golf.


Board business

Tinker Stevenson gave her resignation to the planning board as alternate.  Effective immediately.

Mr. Jensen will advertise the vacant 2 volunteer positions on the Bethlehem page.


Mr. Bruno motion to adjourn   all in favor 6-0


Respectfully submitted

Debra Bayley

Planning/Zoning Clerk