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04/14/2021 PB Minutes

2155 Main Street
Bethlehem, NH 03574


Planning Board

April 14, 2021



6 p.m.


Town Hall: Johnny Stevenson, Anthony Rodrigues, Mike Bruno, Kevin Roy, Kim Koprowski and Marie Stevenson

Alternates: Peter Roy and Anthony Rodrigues

Remote: Chris Jensen

Chair Stevenson opened the meeting at 6:00.  He then appointed Anthony Rodrigues as a voting board member for the evening.


Pledge of Allegiance

Open Campground conceptual for Joel Brantley.

Mr. Brantley explained his plan to the board for the campground.  Map and lot 414-20.2 on 40 plus acres.  Contractor built eco-friendly small cabins with very little outside influence, being hands free. There will not be a permanent office on the grounds.  Cabins will consist of 4-2 bedroom and 6-1 bedroom.  An all-inclusive getaway while incorporating the integrity of the property.  Kim Koprowski asked about personal firepits.  Mr. Brantley has yet to check with the Fire Chief.  Mr. Stevenson:  asked about septic and well.  Frank Dodge will be on site.  Mr. Bruno reminded the applicate that before he submits his Site Plan to contact the fire chief, he has the best interest of safety and integrity for the town.  Mr. Bruno also suggested a full-time presence on the property.

Closed Brantley campground conceptual.

Open Rek’lis conceptual for Balance Bethlehem

Ian and Marlaina Dowling are under agreement to purchase Balance Bethlehem.  The plan is for the brewery to be located there.  Along with a tasting room and staff offices.  Also, an outside stage for performers.  They plan on removing the circle in front of Balance for increased parking.    Fencing around the property will allow patrons to walk with their drinks back to Rek’lis for their meal with permission from the liquor commission.  Marie Stevenson asked about the new noise ordinance.  Mr. Dowling will adhere to the hours.  If needed he will ask the Select Board for permission to extend the hours if necessary, for special events.

The board discussed a professional planner for the project.

Mr. Jensen motion to hire Tara Bamford to assist with the Balance Bethlehem/Rek’lis Site Plan.  With fees being paid by the applicant.                 Marie Stevenson second 7-0 passed

Closed Rek’lis conceptual

Open Tara Bamford contract hire. 

The board discussed the terms of Tara Bamford professional planner contract.

Mr. Jensen motion to accept Tara Bamford’s general contact.  Kim Koprowski second 7-0 passed

Kim Koprowski motion to request a $500 retainer for Rek’lis; to be added to the Site Plan application. Two checks.  One for the Site Plan application and one for the retainer. Marie Stevenson second 7-0 passed

Adair Inn will be required to submit a retainer for Tara Bamford services.

Marie Stevenson motion to request a $750 retainer for the Adair Inn Subdivision/site plan. Two checks.  One for the Site Plan application and one for the retainer. Mr. Jensen second 7-0 passed

Closed Tara Banford

Minutes from March 31, 2021

Kim Koprowski motion to accept 3-31-21 minutes. Mr. Bruno second 6-1 passed Johnny Stevenson abstained

Kevin Roy would like to be able to show the audience plans on a shared screen.

Marie Stevenson motion to adjourn.  Kevin Roy second 7-0 passed

Next meeting April 21, 2021

Respectfully submitted.

Deb Bayley – p/z clerk