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05/16/2021 CC Minutes

2155 Main Street
Bethlehem, NH 03574

Bethlehem Conservation Commission Meeting

May 16, 2021,  4 pm

Zoom Meeting



Present: Lindsay Webb, Cheryl Jensen, Alternate Marilyn Johnson,  Linda Moore, Vivian Winterhoff, Margaret Gale, Nicole McGrath

Absent: None

Guests: Angel Larcom


Lindsay called the meeting to order at 4:02 pm.


There was discussion on the report from Elise Lawson regarding the wetlands permit for Presidential Mountain Resort. Margaret and Elise reviewed the maps that accompanied the wetlands permit. A site visit was not conducted. There was concern about the slope and the potential for wetlands impacts. The BCC reviewed Elise’s recommendations.


Chery moved that we submit Elise Lawson report to DES and that we write a short cover letter pulling out points about the slope, wetlands concerns and the fact that we cannot see any erosion control measures, and reseeding and encouraging site visits. Linda seconded the motion, discussion on our knowledge of the area and the importance of this area and incorporating this into our letter to DES, motion revised to include this in the letter, reseconded by Linda, revised motion passed unanimously.  The BCC will send a copy of the northern pass report to DES as well.


The invoice for Elise’s report will be $225. Margaret motioned that we pay Elise $225 for her report, Cheryl seconded, motion passed unanimously.  Cheryl will draft a letter to DES and then send the letter to Lindsay. When Lindsay submits the letter and reports to DES she will copy David Eckman.


Next meeting is May 27th. At the next meeting the BCC will discuss if we would like to continue meeting via zoom or transition back to in person meetings.


Cheryl moved to end the meeting at 4:27 pm, Vivian seconded, motion passed unanimously.


Meeting adjourned, 4:27pm


Respectfully Submitted,

Nicole McGrath