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06/08/2022 PB Minutes

2155 Main Street
Bethlehem, NH 03574


Planning Board Meeting

June 8, 2022



6:00 PM

PRESENT: Chair Mike Bruno, Vice Chair Anthony Rodrigues, Martie Cook, Kim Koprowski, Kevin Roy, Alecia Loveless and Chris Jensen


Chair Bruno opened the meeting at 6pm.

All stood for the Pledge of Allegiance





Mr. Keach explained the subdivision project for ADAIR.  One lot: 62.3 acres and the other will have 140 acres.  A voluntary merger will take place soon.  The Adair Cottages will have 2 options available for the first units.  2- and 3-bedroom design with customized enhancements available.  1450 sq. ft.  with expandability.  One car garage will be standard, with some sites capable for two car garages.  Basements can be turned into finished space, many with walk-out potential.  Walking trails will be set amongst 140 acres on the grounds of the Adair. The 1811 house will be added to the cottage plan.  Now becoming 44 cottages. The original plan for the 1811 stone house was for the mail and possibly offices.


Mr. Keach spoke about Tara Bamford’s planning board consultants’ comments from a June 5th, 2022, email that included a marked-up checklist needed for subdivision approval.

Density calculations need to be based on poorly and very poorly drained soils. The calculation in the plans refers to “wetland area,” rather than poorly and very poorly

drained soils as required by the Zoning Ordinance.  The Planning Board is not

authorized to waive this requirement as it is contained in the Zoning Ordinance

rather than the Planning Board’s own regulations.

While there will obviously be a great deal of overlap between wetlands mapping and soils mapping, they are not the same thing. Wetlands mapping also contains a vegetation component whereas the purpose of the soil mapping required by the Ordinance is to identify the acreage that would have been suitable for on-site septic systems if this had been a conventional subdivision.

Mr. Keach said that wetlands and poorly drained soil is one in the same.  Tara Bamford differs.


Mr. Keach will provide a letter from the engineer explaining this detail. If a waiver is required, he will submit one.


Tara Bamford said that there is no source provided for the soil mapping and while there will be a great deal of overlap between wetlands mapping and soils mapping, they are not the same thing.


The site-specific soil survey connected for a portion of the lot line for the alteration of terrain application should be completed for the remainder of the lot and then used for the density calculation.


There is no right of way shown.  Subdivision regs. 7.01 (16 and 34)


The regulations permit the Planning Board to reduce the width of this right-of-way

from 50 feet to 40 feet, provided the applicant can demonstrate the adequacy for

all future utilities, grading and drainage, and safe passage for users, including cars,

trucks, bicycles, and pedestrians.

If the applicant will be requesting this reduction, information adequate to demonstrate this will also need to be provided during the review.

It is understood that with internal roads such as these, the right-of-way will be an

easement rather than a separately owned strip of land.


A plan for the proposed common areas for recreation and multi-use paths needs to

be provided (Subdivision Regulations Section 701 (32)). In the case of a proposed

Cluster Development, this information needs to demonstrate the adequacy of the

recreation and open space areas. The landscaping plan shows some trail

connections, but there is no plan showing a coordinated trail network for future


In addition to being shown on a plan, the intended protection mechanism for the

recreation and open space areas will be needed in order for the Planning Board to

judge its adequacy in meeting Article XII (F) of the Zoning Ordinance.


Clarification of the number of bedrooms is needed. The application material

continues to state that the homes may be two or three bedrooms; however, the

Planning Board is not able to determine if the required protective radii have been

provided without more specific information. All well protective radii are shown as 75

  1. The requirement would be 100 ft for a shared septic system if both homes had

three bedrooms.

Mr. Keach noted that they all can become 3 bedrooms.


The lot merger plan is needed showing the location of the septic systems and well

protective radius for both the Inn and existing house, the lot lines to be dissolved,

and the metes and bounds for the new lot lines (Subdivision Regulations Section


Tara Bamford recommended that the board hold off on an approval, citing several reasons, including an application that has now changed.

Tara mentioned that Site Plan Review is not needed because they are single family not multifamily.

Mr. Keach discussed Guider Lane. The road needs repair. The length of the road and the dead end needs to be discussed.  He wanted to know if a waiver was necessary.


Chair Bruno reminded him to speak with the road agent Brett Jackson.


Mr. Keach wants to bring the road to above standard.  He mentioned curb cuts. This is not wanted by the road agent.  He needs to talk to him and discuss the issue. Mr. Keach also mentioned that he would like Guider Lane striped.


Martie Cook asked about the sidewalks.  Mr. Bruno mentioned that we are only here for the checklist.


Vice Chair Rodrigues referred to the issues.  Trails, bedrooms, hiring an engineer, wells with radius.


There was talk about the construction vehicles entering the project from Brook Road.  The road is already in disrepair adding to the traffic flow will only make the bumps worst.  Mr. Bruno explained that that is beyond the scope of the Planning Board. The engineer said he would talk to the neighbors and the road agent.


Alecia Loveless left the meeting for her job.


This meeting will be continued until July 13, 2022, to allow the applicate sufficient time to review Tara Bamford’s notes and give residents time to look at the information that is scheduled to be submitted to the town at least 10 days before the hearing.

Closed ADAIR Checklist


Tara update on SPR

The board discussed the additions and changes to the site plan review application that Tara Bamford has been working on.


Vice Chair Rodrigues Motion to hire Tara Bamford to update the zoning ordinances, out of the 10 thousand dollars ARPA fund monies that the Select Board allocated to the Planning Board.   Chris Jensen second.  6-0 passed.


Public hearing will be held for public comment on proposed amendments to the Bethlehem Site Plan review regulations on July 27, 2022.


Minutes 5-25-22

Martie Cook motion to approve 5-25-22 mins. Chair Bruno second. 6-0 passed.


Vice Chair Rodrigues motion to adjourn.  Kim Koprowski second.  6-0 adjourned.


Respectfully submitted

Deb Bayley

Planning/Zoning Clerk