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10/28/2021 CC Minutes

2155 Main Street
Bethlehem, NH 03574

Bethlehem Conservation Commission

October 28, 2021





Present: Chair Lindsay Webb, Cheryl Jensen, Margaret Gale

Absent: Vivian Winterhoff, Nicole McGrath, Alternate Marilyn Johnson, Selectboard Liaison Veronica Morris

Guest: Sally Fitzgerald, Barry Zitser


Lindsay called the meeting to order at 6:05pm.



The September minutes will be approved at the November meeting.



Margaret reported that as of 10/28/21 the BCC has $14,695.28 in the Savings Account and $915.00 remaining in the Town Account.



The BCC reviewed the mailbag items.

Date Received From Regarding Comments
9/13/2021 NHDES 101 Hydro Road Reported alleged violation of Shoreland Act, Owners asked to stop work and submit comments, permits, plans or other info within 20 days to NHDES
9/13/2021 NHDES Wetlands Permit 2021-02259, Gilmanton Hill Road Request for more information regarding wetlands permit application (subdivision and address questions). Must be received by Nov 6, 2021.
9/27/2021 Grafton County Conservation District Annual Meet and Greet Reception 10/13/2021  
9/27/2021   Shoreland Permit Application for 818 Whitefield Road (Ammonoosuc River) Proposed Project: To construct a garage at an existing dwelling and replace septic system.
9/27/2021 NHACC 2022 Membership Dues Invoice  
10/4/2021 NHDES Shoreland Permit Application 2021 – 03092 for 818 Whitefield Road Letter of receipt from NHDES

(Email to Chair Only)

Tim Fleury, Admin Assist


2022 Budget Presentation Schedule Conservation Commission 2022 Budget due to Tim 12/6 – Presentation to Selectboard on 12/13/2021
10/12/2021 (Email to Chair Only) Tim Fleury 2022 Budget Worksheet  



Lindsay provided some follow up on the discussion from last month about a Shoreland Permit for Presidential Mountain Resort.  A Shoreland Permit was submitted, and accepted by DES on June 22, 2021 (wetlands permit was approved 6/28).


There is currently no information on DES One Stop regarding 3447 Main Street.


Lindsay forwarded the email to the Bethlehem Road Agent and Bethlehem Police Chief regarding litter concerns and the mower chewing up trash along Brook Road.



The group discussed purchasing t-shirts or buffs for roadside clean-up volunteers.  We will continue to research some options and discuss at the next meeting.



The group discussed some ideas on how to let town residents know that we are looking for additional members and also about educating residents about what we do.  Lindsay offered to draft up a poster that could be on display during the Roadside Clean-Up and possibly at the Town Hall.



Lindsay and Vivian walked the new proposed trail recently.  Lindsay asked the group about what procedure or paperwork we need to complete if we have events on the Town Forest, specifically for events that are not free (ie. A Forest Bathing Workshop where participants pay a fee to the Teacher).  If the Business has liability insurance, what paperwork would we need them to fill out?  We will begin a discussion with the Selectboard about this.



The 2022 budget is due to Tim on 12/6/2021 and the presentation to the Selectboard is on 12/13/2021.  The group reviewed last year’s budget, discussed keeping it the same, and will vote on it during the November meeting.



Lindsay let the group know that the Selectboard may be looking into using ARPA funds to make Town Meetings virtually accessible.  If the BCC wanted to participate, this might mean that meetings would need to take place at the Town Hall, but there might be ways to continue using the Library.


Cheryl had an initial conversation with Representative Tim Egan about several bills related to bottle redemption, composting, and littering.  Mr. Egan would be willing to come to a meeting to talk to the BCC and other residents about it.  Cheryl will forward the bill language to the BCC members.  BCC members are encouraged to read the language and attend a future meeting about it with the idea that the BCC may want to write a letter of support.


Margaret reported that the Solid Waste Work Group members have been named.  This group will be tasked with creating a new Statewide Solid Waste Plan.  An interim report from the group is due sometime in 2022.



Barry Zitser suggested that the BCC reach out to the Bethlehem Trail Association to see what liability insurance they have.  He agreed that the roadside clean-up was a good place for attracting new members.  Barry let the BCC know that Casella is now offering food waste pick-up for commercial residents.  Barry also reported that the Center for Eco-Technology does a lot of education around reducing and diverting food waste that the BCC members might be interested in looking into.


NEXT MEETINGS: 6pm (Library)

November 28, 2021

December – No meeting

January 27, 2022


Cheryl motioned to adjourn the meeting at 7:17pm, motion was seconded by Margaret, and passed unanimously.


Meeting adjourned 7:17pm


Respectfully Submitted,

Lindsay Webb, Chair