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11/18/2021 BC Minutes

2155 Main Street
Bethlehem, NH 03574

Bethlehem Cares Committee Work


Present: Chris Jensen, April Hibberd, Ruth Heintz, Carol Johnson-Haywood, Christine Kelly

Next meeting: Has not been scheduled as yet. Will schedule as needed.

Public Meeting Discussion Points:

Minutes from 10/19/21 were accepted.

The BC fliers were picked up this morning! They look great! Carol has them at the present time. (She will cut them as needed and deliver some to Maia’s on the 1st of December.)

Moved to non-public –

Per Frank there is currently $1369 dollars in the BC account.

It was agreed that only the money in the actual account will be considered for disbursements. (Meaning received checks or Paypal donations will not be considered until they are actually in the bank account.)

There are several applications to be reviewed. All coming from the current Pinewood displacements.

#7 DM  – In the midst of finding new living arrangements. Has health issues. She says she needs new tires before her car can be inspected and needs a new thermostat as currently there is no heat in the car. While there are no actual estimates it is suspected that these costs would be roughly $500. Members ar- e reluctant at this point to invest without official estimates as well as having information about whether making these updates will allow the car to be inspected – in other words, are there any current unknown problems. It was agreed to pay a fee to have Phil Bell take a look at the car to see what is needed to get it inspected. Chris will work with DM and Phil to coordinate a time.


#8 KD – Looking for electric assistance. This is a welfare issue. April suggested there are other issues but the application need more work. April will work with KD.


#9 CF – Has some money of her own that would cover her request. The committee agreed that more information is needed before being able to consider specific needs.


#10 CN – Application is on hold at this time.


#11 GB – Is requesting rental car money $674 (one week) while his car is being fixed in Barre, VT. The committee had many questions regarding carpool options, more economical rentals, etc. The committee agreed that some of the weekly expenses might be assisted through the use of the food pantry. April will communicate further with GB.